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Split Ergonomic Keyboards

Improved typing experience for office use

Prebuilt Keyboards

Split ergonomic keyboards designed to reduce pain during typing.

Choose your own switches (keycaps and cables not included)


A modern low-profile ergonomic split keyboard, with a number row and a feature-full thumb cluster.

Per-key RGB and tents available.

TBK Mini

A silent and compact ergonomic split keyboard, with predefined layers and configuration.

Per-key RGB and tents available.


A very small keyboard made for ergonomic enthusiasts.

Recommended only for advanced users who are not afraid of playing with QMK. Per-key RGB and tents available.

DIY Keyboard Kits

3d printed cases, Kits and standalone PCBs

  • Complete DIY Kits with case and electronics
  • PCB Kits (print your own case)
  • Dactyl Manuform flexible PCBs

Made for ergonomics

The keyboards you can find here are one of a kind – designed for comfort and productivity.

  • Split design – one for each hand – to place them at your preferred position on the desk
  • Optimized vertical stagger on the columns to match the position of your fingers
  • Curved columns to reduce finger extension and allow for a more natural typing
  • Feature-full thumb clusters for easy access to symbols and shortcuts

Tailored for you

When ordering your keyboard, you can choose from a broad range of options to get the everyday tool that suits you best

  • Choose your own mechanical switches
  • Easy customization of the layout with a GUI (Vial)
  • Optional per-key RGB
  • Optional tents to angle the keyboard to a more natural position

Custom hardware

I have carefully designed each keyboard case and PCB to get you the best experience possible.

They went through multiple revisions from customer feedback, and when ordering you will get the latest version – which you can also find on Github.

I build the keyboards in the Netherlands and double-check everything – all prebuilts come with a 1 year warranty.

All cases get printed at outstanding quality using Prusa printers and filaments, to get you the best-looking ergonomic keyboards available anywhere.

Open-sourced designs

I open-source as many of my designs as I can. From cases to PCBs, you will find everything you need to enter the world of ergonomic keyboards.

Every new feature gets pushed to Github.

Hi, I’m Quentin Lebastard and I create keyboards in the Netherlands.

I started in the end of 2019, and never stopped. Building amazing keyboards is my passion, and I take pride in delivering the best quality I can. From 3d to electronic design with photography and client communication in between, I strive to deliver a great customer experience.

Feel free to take a look around at the products I’ve designed, or contact me if you have something special in mind !


Any questions or ideas ? Email me at or join us on Discord


Copyright © Bastard Keyboards / Quentin LEBASTARD 2019-2021

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