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Bastard keyboards

Building keyboards in the Netherlands

Hi, I’m Quentin Lebastard and I create keyboards in the Netherlands. I started in the end of 2019, and never stopped. Building amazing keyboards is my passion, and I take pride in delivering the best quality I can. From 3d to electronic design with photography and client communication in between, I strive to deliver a great customer experience.

Feel free to take a look around at the products I’ve built, or contact me if you have something special in mind !

Ergonomic before all

  • Split ergonomic layout
  • Elegant and complete layout with a numrow and feature-full thumb cluster
  • Case and PCBs designed from the ground up
  • DIY Kits or prebuilts, with premium options

Premium features

  • Printed with high-quality PLA
  • USB-C (Elite-C)
  • High-quality custom designed flexible PCBs
  • Transparent Acrylic plate
  • Per-key RGB and midlayer RGB
  • Industry-grade screws and cables

Made for DIYers

  • The keyboard is easy to build and service, and comes with a detailed build guide
  • Comes pre-flashed with custom QMK firmware, easy to modify
  • Backwards compatible with all future upgrade kits

Pushing for more

  • I’m constantly working on pushing the boundaries of ergonomic keyboards and improving our product – PCBs, RGB, the list goes on
  • Upon order, you will receive the newest version of our design with all the latest improvements
  • Check the Github for open-sourced projects !

Any questions or ideas ? Email me at or join us on Discord


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