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Split ergonomic keyboards

Custom-designed split keyboards with feature-full firmware.

Choose from a variety of sizes, with trackballs and trackpads.

DIY kits and prebuilts available.


A split ergonomic keyboard with integrated trackball.

Full mouse replacement solution with high-quality, custom-developed components.

Available in a variety of sizes, with tenting and RGB options.

DIY kits, prebuilts and premium kits available.


Modern low-profile split ergonomic keyboards.

Available in a variety of sizes, with tenting and RGB options.

DIY kits and prebuilts available.


A compact keyboard with a trackpad made for travel.

Open-sourced, powered by the RP2040 chip.

Available in a variety of sizes, with acrylic cases and RGB options.

Spare parts

A broad range of spare parts to help you, wether you are building a dactyl or a designer reaching for more. RP2040 controllers, sensor PCBs

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BastardKeyboards is first of all an innovation project. We have been on the bleeding edge of ergonomic keyboards for the last 3 years.

Everything is open-sourced, and toughtfully designed to provide a great out-of the box experience. Here is an insight on everything that’s possible.

If you want to customize further, we also offer powerful tools and a wholesome discord community.

Industry-leading hardware

Flexible PCBs

Those flexible PCBs make building 3d keyboards easier, faster, more reliable. They use big SMD components and sturdy ribbon cables for connecting.

Pushing the ergonomics

From trackball PCBs to trackpad integration, we consistently push the limits of input devices.

Those open-source solutions are maintained up-to-date on Github, and easy to manufacture.

RP2040 everything

The new chip from Raspberry brings more memory and more power to the table.

We keep our designs up-to-date and open-source.

Purpose-designed 3d prints

We designed our unique models in-house for 3d printing, strength, ease of build, and aesthetics.

All models are made in Fusion 360, with STLs available on Github and tutorials on youtube.

Premium options

If you want even better-looking builds, you will find options for Nylon prints, laser-cut steel plates, and acrylic sheets.

Cutting-edge firmware

Powerful features

Each BK board is full of powerful features developed specifically for them.

Our firmwares are state-of-the-art and constantly maintained and improved by the community on Github.

Easy use, powerful customizations

Each keyboard comes with settings you can change with shortcuts (RGB, DPI…).

If you want more customization, the QMK firmware is packed with options (like dragscroll behaviour, axis inversion…).

Community first

Everything open-source, forever

All the BK boards are open-source, and will stay so forever.

We regularly work on our PCBs to upgrade them based on the feedback of the community.

The 3d models are also available, with tutorials on how they were made.

Defining the new standards

RP2040_ce is a pinout standard that most boards now follow. This ensures cross-compatibility and makes it easier to navigate all the different options.

It was created by experts on the BK discord.

Discord community

Our discord community is home to creators – dactyls, PCBs, firmware – if you like designing, you will feel right at home !


Any questions or ideas ? Email us at or join us on Discord


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