6 weeks lead time for Charybdis kits. 2 weeks lead time for all other kits


A feature-full ergonomic keyboard with integrated trackball.

Engineered to be a full mouse replacement solution with high-quality, custom-developed components.

Tents available.

Open-sourced keyboard

The Charybdis case is open-sourced, check it out on Github!


Ready to be plugged in and used.

Choose your own switches (keycaps and cables not included).

Full kit

Picture pending

Complete DIY Kit with 3d printed case and electronics.

Comes with a detailed build guide and online support.

Difficult build not recommended for beginners !

Electronics Kit

Picture pending

For those who have a 3d printer.
Print your own case from the models on Github and get building.

Difficult build not recommended for beginners !

A keyboard and mouse replacement for professionals

Designed from the ground up for better ergonomics at the (home) office.

  • Easy to adapt to, with a number row and feature-full thumb cluster
  • High-precision trackball sensor
  • 30 degree tents for optimal ergonomics
  • Powered by the open-sourced firmware QMK

Any questions or ideas ? Email me at [email protected] or join us on Discord


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