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Charybdis kits

A feature-full ergonomic keyboard with integrated trackball.

Engineered to be a full mouse replacement solution with high-quality, custom-developed components.

Easy to assemble kits, with detailed documentation and community support on Discord.

All Charybdis parts are open-source.


A modern low-profile ergonomic split keyboard, with a number row and a feature-full thumb cluster.

56 keys, tenting and per-key RGB available.

Charybdis Mini

A silent and compact ergonomic split keyboard, with predefined layers and configuration.

41 keys, tenting and per-key RGB available.

Charybdis Nano

A silent and compact ergonomic split keyboard, with predefined layers and configuration.

35 keys, tenting and per-key RGB available.

Charybdis nano - premium kit

This premium kit comes with Nylon cases, laser-cut steel plates, and Ball Transfer Units for a smooth, unique experience.


What's in the box

Every kit comes with the latest version of our custom-developed hardware and high-quality components and screws.

All hardware is open-sourced and available on Github.


Flexible PCBs – custom-developed PCBs to make the build faster, easier, and more reliable.

Splinky: RP2040-based boards

Bringing the latest hardware innovation to dactyls, with huge memory and a familiar pro micro factor.

Designed by Plut0nium and updated by BKB, follows the RP2040_CE standard.

Hardware – M4 screws and inserts, that make the keyboard plates and tents easy to install and strong.

Shield PCBs – custom-developed PCBs to install the Splinky’s onto. They are screwed into the case, which removes the need for any hotglue and increases reliability.

Audio jacks – both sides of the keyboard connect with an audio cable (TRS or TRRS).

Reset button – accessible through the bottom, to flash your new firmware into the keyboard.

Surface-mounted diodes.

Anti-slip pads, to stop the keyboard from moving on the desk. The plates and tents come with inserts so they are snug and fit.

Sensor PCB – developed by BastardKB and open-sourced.

It is assembled and tested, and simply needs to be connected with the ribbon cable.

Screws and bearings for the sensor PCB, to ensure a smooth trackball experience.

Ribbon cables – flexstrip 2.54mm cables to connect the shield PCB to the plate PCBs easily.

RGB kit (optional) – for that sweet, sweet per-key RGB. Uses SK6812 Mini-E leds to solder onto the PCBs.

Trackball (optional) – a red trackball from Perixx. Shiny !

3d printed parts (optional)

If you don’t have a 3d printer, you can grab all the parts you need directly from the shop.

They are printed using Prusament Galaxy Black on MK3s at 0.15mm high quality layer height.

Industry-defining quality, with everything tuned from the custom 3d model to the settings used on the printer.

This optional kit includes:

  • 2 plates – right and left
  • 2 cases – right and left
  • 3d sensor adapters

30 degree tent for additional ergonomics.

Detachable using 4 screws, and anti-slip pads.

This optional kit includes:

  • 2 tents – right and left
  • anti-slip bumpons

What you will need

Those parts are not included in the kits, and you will need to source them yourself.


Our Charybdis keyboards are compatible with MX-format switches. This includes brands like Boba, Kailh, Zealios, Cherry etc.

They are not compatible with low profile switches (Kailh Choc, MX low profile).

You will need to source your own switches, if you are not sure multiple shops offer switch testers.

USB-C cable

Use it to connect the right side of the keyboard to the computer.

Make sure to use a high-quality usb cable, with the other side either USB-A or USB-C (eg. if you use a laptop with USB-C ports).

Audio cable

You will need it to connect both sides together (both TRS and TRRS work).

Our keyboards are compatible with all standard audio cables, including the fancy custom ones.


Reuse your favourite keycaps, or grab a new set (We recommend searching for “ortho” sets).

As for keycap profile, the keyboards will work with all following profiles:


MT3 has been popular lately and is a favourite of ours.


Any questions or ideas ? Email us at or join us on Discord


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