All kits ship within 3 weeks

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Because there is a lot of interest for our keyboards, we have a waiting line system.
Register your email here, and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens ! This is for all keyboards.
We go through emails by time of registration, and there is currently a 2 week waiting line.

Built for work

The prebuilt keyboards come ready to plug in.


  • Fully functional keyboard with switches soldered in
  • Optional detachable tents
  • Replacement and maintenance parts

Zero soldering needed.

Keycaps and cables not included.

Easy and powerful customization

The firmware for the Bastard keyboards is the open-sourced QMK – carefully tailored by experts of the Discord community.
You can easily customize it using Vial, or dive deeper by compiling your own version.
It comes with a variety of optional features like Miryoku, dragscroll, etc

Tailored for you

When ordering your keyboard, you can choose from a broad range of options to get the everyday tool that suits you best

  • Choose your own mechanical switches
  • Optional per-key RGB
  • Optional tents (removable) to angle the keyboard to a more natural position

Handcrafted in the Netherlands

Every prebuilt keyboards is handcrafted from our atelier in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

We print the cases, install the electronics, and go through extremely strict quality control before shipping.


Any questions or ideas ? Email me at or join us on Discord


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