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A 5×3+2 ultra-compact keyboard with a trackpad.

Compatible with MX and Choc, comes pre-assembled.

Flashed with QMK and Vial.

Open-sourced keyboard

The Dilemma is 100% open-sourced, check it out on Github!

Pre-assembled kit

This kit comes with all the components soldered on it already. Compatible with MX and Choc.

Solder in your switches and get typing !

Print your own case or grab one from the shop.

Low profile case

A 3d printed case to protect the keyboard. Low profile and compact, for typing on the go.

Tenting puck case

A 3d printed case compatible with the SplitKb tenting pucks. Use it to add tenting to your keyboard with the manfrotto tripods (not included).

Premium editions

Premium acrylic cases to make your Dilemma shine.

Glossy pink acrylic

Hefty 3mm acrylic plates. Comes with all the screws necessary, a 3d printed plate, and pre-chamfered.

Matte red acrylic

Hefty 3mm acrylic plates. Comes with all the screws necessary, a 3d printed plate, and pre-chamfered.

Minimal trackpad innovation


    • 5×3 + 2 layout with Miryoku
    • RP2040 platform – powerful and future-proof
    • All the latest features from QMK – circular scroll, …

Hardware customization:

    • Keep it low profile to fit in your pocket
    • Add magnets for a nice snap
    • Add a tripod for ergonomics
    • Add an oled screen for cat points
    • … and more coming soon !

Easy assembly

  • The Kit contains everything you need to build a keyboard (excluding switches and cables).
  • The PCBs come pre-assembled, and you only have to install the switches, trackpad, reset button and audio jack. That’s it !
  • The trackpad connects directly to the PCB with a flat ribbon cable, no need for complicated bodge wires.

Kit contents:

  • Pre-assembled PCBs
  • Trackpad, 35mm, curved
  • Trackpad cables
  • 3d printed trackpad holder
  • Screws and nuts

Print a case yourself, or grab one from the shop !

Community driven

This keyboard is the result of a community effort –

Special thanks to:

  • KarlK90, for their work on RP2040 in QMK
  • plut0nium, for their work on the rp2040 board
  • freznel, for their help on the design of the PCB
  • Charly, for their work on the firmware
  • Drashna, for their work on the input device drivers

On top of the assembled version there’s also a DIY version available, that fits: KB2040, Elite-Pi, Splinky


Any questions or ideas ? Email me at or join us on Discord


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